The Postcard Collective

19th April 2017
The Postcard Collective is/are based in the USA. It's mission is to re-introduce physicality in a world gone cyber. I like it because it reminds me of my youth and making up compilation tapes for me and my pals. Making covers using the cut'n'paste techniques of sellotape and scissors. This of course, without us realising it, harked back to the late '70's and the DIY world pf post-punk indie labels and fanzines.
The idea, if you are selected, is to design a postcard and mail it out to those others on the list (USA, Canada, Finland, China) and they correspondingly do the same - art in motion. I'm sure the Fluxus group in San Fransisco did the same kind of mail art.

Anyway, I'm sure you can tell which way my postcard is going to go! More to follow........