Photography, Art & Trains

13th August 2016
It's sometimes strange how things work out. This time last year I was wondering how you went about getting your work into a gallery, and all of a sudden you get two exhibitions, audio-visual work, and an upcoming feature in an arts and culture magazine.

I've just finished reading a copy of 'Playing to the Gallery' by Grayson Perry, quite a funny and insightful little book, which asks, amongst other questions -what is art? One of his problematic boundary markers is that of photography. How can you tell, he muses, the photographs which are art, as opposed to those which are merely snaps' He asked the photographer Martin Parr, whose almost serious answer was, 'Well, if it's bigger than two metres, and it's priced higher that 5 figures!'

Well, my work most definitely doesn't meet those criteria, but today I have spotted this on the Scotrail website,d.d24

I'm not sure how it's made its way onto a train company's website, but if it brings in traffic, then I'm all for it!