New Collaborative Work

08th March 2017
I'm pleased to announce that I will be working with three very talented artists on a new collaborative project. We will be working under the title of the CAIM Collective.
Artists statement of intent below -
The CAIM Collective aim to create a coherent whole through the media of Photography, Sound Recordings, Poetry & Printmaking.
We have come together as four distinct and separate artists, in our shared interest in the Scotland’s wild coastal places and a desire to capture a sense of space and wonder. Many things are not able to be seen properly. They may be unclear, or hazy or gauzy. Landscapes may be misty or seen from an odd angle, or just unfamiliar to the viewer. They may be viewed in bad weather, or poor visibility. These artists are attempting to define the Orkney land/seascapes relationship with the vagaries of the elements. Structure and absence are reoccurring elements in their work, as are juxtaposition and the unexpected. This project will bring together the disciplines of photography, poetry, printmaking and sound recording as an immersive whole which the viewer will be able to interact with.

Ingrid Budge works with digital, but mainly analogue photography, as well as pinhole and camera-less photography. This work with old-fashioned cameras and darkroom techniques lead to many of her images of her native Orkney Islands in the far north of Scotland displaying a timeless ethereality, but also an indiscernible quality. Alastair Jackson also hails from an island on the edge of Scotland, albeit on the west coast, and this remote upbringing gives his work a similar sense of space and distance. Although mainly a photographer, he also uses the haiku form to bridge the gap between images, sound and writing, Moira Buchanan ‘s current work explores her personal interaction with the Scottish coastline. She focuses on natural found objects such as shells, seaweed and algae. She often refers this process to metamorphism; reconstructing the state of an object into her own. As a music teacher, acoustic ecologist, violinist, violist, composer and sound artist Cavan Campbell has specialist skills working with sound and music within a broad range of contexts. Cavan works with immersive ambisonic surround sound technologies to record, archive and exhibit natural soundscapes from across Scotland that are being lost to the ever increasing effects of man-made noise pollution.